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Farnkensteins Hamster Cover Nook.jpg

"Quick read with a twist...

Loved every moment!"

"Another brilliant story from this fab horror writer..."
"Brilliantly awesome read again from this Welsh author...
I will never look at a hamster the same again!"
"Wickedly twisted!"

Sorry! This offer has expired...

I'm so sorry to disappoint, but due to contractual obligations with Amazon, who have the trilogy free to read in Kindle Unlimited, I am no longer able to offer this title free myself.

But never fear, I have another, longer, book free for you, and reviewers are loving it. Click the cover below and enjoy... Thank you

A Stitch in Time cover.jpg

"A wonderful story, expertly written"

"I couldn't put it down..."

"Another rollercoaster ride of supernatural thrills from this talented author..."

"I absolutely love this book..."

"Simply superb.
Carter is seriously one of the best writers around today..."

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