I remember my mum reading me 'The Shining,' by Stephen King, when I was young...

'Carrie' gave me nightmares for months!

Michael Christopher Carter is the acclaimed writer of a number of supernatural thrillers including 'The HUM', 'An Extraordinary Haunting,' and his latest

Number - 1 Hot New Release, 'Angel of Death'.

Set in beautiful Wales with 'Characters so real I felt I knew them' - online review   

Michael's novels bring readers a real sense of life in this picturesque corner of Britain.

Originally from the cutthroat, gritty world of direct sales, and now an established Reiki Master, Michael brings a unique perspective to paranormal fiction that thousands of fans all around the globe attest.

"Even before my own passion for reading grew, I was surrounded by books and drawn to the horror/thriller genre and the genius of Stephen King. I remember my mum reading me 'The Shining' when I was young, and then 'Carrie' gave me nightmares for months!

Later, I discovered Dean Koontz and James Herbert and fell in love with Roald Dahl's

'Tales of the Unexpected', 'Kiss kiss', and 'Someone Like You' as well as Jeffrey Archer's

'A quiver full of Arrows,'  to name a few.


I love books and buy them all the time. I simply cannot walk past a book shop and so I have hundreds of books lining my shelves. It saddens me to accept I may never read them all, but from my obsession a desire to write burgeoned, and now I've started, I don't think I'll ever stop.

I recall my very first teacher at my very first parents evening telling my mum and dad,

'He has to be a writer!'  Now decades later, I feel so blessed to be doing what I love and, fortunately for me, people seem to like it..."

"I love books and buy them all the time.
 I simply cannot walk past a book shop..."

Here's what some readers have to say about Michael


"Be warned. Once you read one, you'll want to read them all..."

"Refreshing, unusual and delightful"


"If you like a twist in your tale, this is another impossible to predict rollercoaster that had me gripped from the first paragraph! This could be Carter's best yet..."  -First reads

"Characters so real I felt I was living the story with them..."

"Michael Christopher Carter is truly one of the best writers around..." - Reading for pleasure


"What a wonderful storyline, twisty and tricky..."


"Great!!! Very suspenseful. Well written and captivating"


"Loved the book and I'm still reeling from the twists and turns!"

"This is an author to watch, you MUST read this book...it's as scary as hell!"
"5 out of 5 stars! Everyone needs to read this!"
"An amazing read that really plays with your mind..."
"Wow! This is a fabulous book!" 

"Unlike anything I've ever read..."
"I expected a typical poltergeist story, but it was so much more interesting than that..."
"It turned out to be one of those 'don't talk to me,  I can't put this down until I'm finished' books for me.." 
"...a unique book, highly recommended"
"A brilliant read, really love this writer... 
Michael Christopher Carter is seriously one of the best writers around today."
"If you love Adam Nevill, Gary McMahon or Simon Clark then you will love Michael's work" 


"I'm a big fan of Stephen King... This book blew me away"

"Twist after twist after twist... I couldn't turn the pages fast enough"

Michael Christopher Carter's latest
No.1 Hot New Release
'Angel of Death'
Available now

Becca Tate can't sleep.

if she does, someone will die...


When a nightmare of her gran dying is followed by news she really has died, Becca is distraught at losing her childhood rock but gives little thought to her prophetic dream deciding with her gran so ill, such a nightmare is natural.

But when another deadly dream precedes another death; then another, and another, she is forced to concede it's more than coincidence.

Terrified she'll lose everyone she loves, Becca frantically tries to control her pestilent powers, but attempting to curb them only serves to make them more dangerous.

Desperate to protect those she cares about, is the only way to save them directing her deathly dreams towards others, or will she be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice?


You better hope she doesn't dream about you...


Fans of King and Koontz will be blown away by this twisting, impossible-to-predict paranormal thriller.

Tear into this mind-bending horror from Wales's master of the supernatural today...

Michael lives and works in the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park where you'll find a lot of his books are set.

When he's not busy writing, you can find him driving in the mountains, lunching in the marina, or walking his faithful muses, Myfi and Tedi on one of the incredible beaches.

"Who wouldn't be inspired in such a wonderful place?"

Prior to becoming a writer, Michael was a tour de force in direct sales, travelling the length and breadth of southern England selling everything from water filters to double glazing and conservatories and kitchens culminating in his running a successful conservatory design and build company before the health of a family. member necessitated leaving it all behind. Opportunity flows from adversity and Michael found the time to write his first novel in 2013, in between his role as a carer, along with investigating his academic and spiritual side, qualifying as Reiki Master in 1999 whilst studying psychology and Welsh language at Swansea University.

He is now the author of more than a dozen titles, achieving best-seller status  in Amazon's top 100 downloaded books.


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